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Airlines trafficing Arvidsjaur airport allows at least 20kg checked baggage without extra charge. Some items are not included in the standard allowance; see section ‘Special baggage’

Check-in is not counted as luggage and is therefore checked free of charge.

Must be packed separately and only one set of ski equipment is allowed per ski bag. One ski equipment consists of 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles alternatively 1 snowboard. Ski equipment must be pre-booked at NextJet’s Call Center. Cancellation policy: NextJet will charge 250 SEK/leg for each ski equipment if cancellation takes place less than 72 hours prior to departure.

Articles such as golf bags, bicycles, surfing boards, hang gliders and skis are not included in the standard allowance. Transportation of such articles are subject to an extra charge per article and single journey. These articles must be packed separately containing only one article per package. Concerning the operator’s economic liability, these articles are considered as luggage in the event of damage or loss.
Charges (per leg):

  • Surplus weight over the standard allowance 30 SEK/kg
  • Animal in cabin 150 SEK
  • Large sledge 400 SEK
  • Ski equipment 350 SEK
  • Golf bag 150 SEK, max 15 kg
  • Bicycle 300 SEK
  • Water skis 150 SEK
  • Diving equipment 300 SEK
  • Hang glider 400 SEK
  • Windsurfing board 400 SEK
  • Wakeboard 275 SEK
  • Longboard 150 SEK

Maximum weight for golf bags is 15 kg. If exceeded, a fee of 30 SEK/kg will be charged.

For safety reasons, the following articles are not permitted as luggage on-board NextJet’s flights.

  • Compressed gases (highly frozen, inflammable, poisonous) e.g. butane gas, oxygen, fluid nitrogen gas, oxygen tubes and tubes with compressed gas
  • Corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis, wet-element batteries and apparatus which contains mercury (e.g. thermometers)
  • Explosive materials, war materials, fireworks, flares and detonators
  • Easily inflammable liquids and solid substances such as lighter fluids and matches (must be carried in the passenger’s own pockets, not in hand luggage), paint, thinner and firelighter
  • Radioactive material
  • Briefcases and attaché cases with installed alarm systems
  • Oxidizing substances, such as bleaching agents, peroxides
  • Poisonous and disease carrying substances such as insecticides, weed-killers and living virus cultivations
  • Other dangerous articles such as magnetized goods and objectionable or irritating substances

1. It is allowed to carry 5 kg ammunition. The ammunition must be included in the checked baggage and be transported in the cargo hold.
2. The ammunition must be well packed in a sealed box.
3. Cartridges for rifles must be separated with a partition wall in the ammunition box.
4. Shotgun cartridges must be fixed in a sealed box.
5. It is not allowed to pack more than 5 kg ammunition in one bag.

Always inform airport ground staff when traveling with firearms or ammunition.

Ask by the check-in counter what applys to your flight. At the moment this can only be offered offered on certain flights to certain destinations depending on the booking conditions.

The arriving baggage is picked up in the arrival hall.

NextJet’s liability is limited as far as damage, delay and loss of luggage is concerned, unless an extra charge has been paid in advance to cover the higher declared value. In such cases, a document to prove the value of the item should be presented upon check-in. Luggage is declared lost if not traced after 21 days of passenger arriving to the final destination. Maximum 1000 SDR’s, Special Drawing Rights, will be reimbursed for lost luggage.

Damaged luggage must be presented and reported to the arrival airport within 7 days after arrival. NextJet takes no responsibility for missing/damaged medicine, computers, bottles, keys, valuable papers, valuable tools and other valuables checked in as luggage. Luggage should only contain clothes, toilet requisites and other harmless articles needed for the passenger’s journey.