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Instructions for parking.

When you park your car, drive up to the parking entrance.

When you use your credit card to enter the parking area it will record time and date (you will NOT recive a paper ticket, your credit card is the ticket).

If you do not use a credit card, press the round button below the ticket reader at the entrance to recive a paper ticket. When you pick up the paper ticket the barrier will rise and you can drive into the parking area. Time and date will be recorded on the ticket.

NOTE: Bring the ticket during your trip, you will need it upon arrival. Use the ticket in the payment terminal inside the airport building. (Please do not put it in the windshield, it can be destroyed by the sun.)

Credit card payment.

If you entering the parking area with a credit card, you check out at the exit barrier with your credit card . If you took a paper ticket when you parked, you can check out at the exit barrier with your credit card after the ticket is scanned. If you choosed to pay in the terminal building you can only scan your ticket at the exit barrier and the barrier will go up.

Cash payment

Did you take a  paper ticket when parked and wish to pay with cash, then you pay this at the information in the departure hall during airport opening hours before leaving from the parking area.

For the lost of ticket it will be an administration fee of 30 SEK.

Instructions for leaving the parking area and payment.

Credit card

Use the same credit card at the exit barrier that you used when parking. When the card is read and the card is taken from the reader, the barrier wil go up. If you want a receipt, press the round button under the ticket reader.


Cash payment is made at the information in the departure hall during airport opening hours before leaving the parking lot. The ticket will be registered in the information and before leaving the parking area at the exit barrier you will have to scan your paper ticket in the payment teminal. The barrier goes up when you take back the paper ticket.

Short- term/ Daily fee

1 hour (fee per hour) 10SEK
30 min (fee per 30min in the garage) 20SEK

1 day 80SEK
1 day (in the garage) 160SEK

7 days (1 week) 400SEK


For ticket reservations, please contact Arvidsjaur
Airport, visit or
call Nextjet callcenter



Catering, Al á carte,
sandwiches and snacks.



Here you will find information about taxi and shuttle serivce to and from the airport



Phone: 0960-173 80 – Fax: 0960-138 88



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