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Most airlines uses limitation when it comes to size and weight of the cabin luggage. Check with your airline what rules that applies for your flight.


Passengers are allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 8 kg, measuring not more than 55x40x23 cm. In addition, passengers are allowed to carry one personal item, e.g. handbag, umbrella or a bag containing tax-free merchandise. Portable computers, cameras and other valuables should be carried as cabin baggage and should not be checked in.


The airline liability is limited as far as damage, delay and loss of luggage is concerned, unless an extra charge has been paid in advance to cover the higher declared value. In such cases, a document to prove the value of the item should be presented upon check-in. Luggage is declared lost if not traced after 21 days of passenger arriving to the final destination. Maximum 1000 SDR’s, Special Drawing Rights, will be reimbursed for lost luggage. The final sum is decided after a declaration of the luggage contents has been presented to Customer Relations. Nordica will reimburse a maximum weight of 23 kg, unless presenting a document declaring higher valued items. Damaged luggage must be presented and reported to the arrival airport within 7 days after arrival.

Nordica takes no responsibility for missing/damaged medicine, computers, bottles, keys, valuable papers, valuable tools and other valuables checked in as luggage. Luggage should only contain clothes, toilet requisites and other harmless articles needed for the passenger’s journey.


The airline is responsible for the carry-on luggage the passenger brings on the aircraft. If something happens to the luggage it’s the airline that’s who is responsible for the damage.

Liquids in cabin baggage
In your cabin baggage you may bring Liquids, gels and aerosols in containers with a capacity no greater than 100 ml (3.4 fl oz)
The containers shall fit comfortably in one transparent 1 litre bag that is completely closed.

The bag shall be resealable

Each passenger with a ticket/boardingcard may bring one bag.
Liquids include water, toothpaste, hair gel, beverages, soups, perfume, shaving gel, aerosols and other substances of a similar consistency.


– liquids for medical purposes
– baby formula and food
– liquid dietary foodstuff

Please observe that the plastic bag containing liquids, as well as any liquid medicines, dietary foodstuff s or baby formula and food shall be declared for inspection at the security checkpoint.