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Date Time Flight Arrivals Remark

Date Time Flight Departure Remark


This is our best advice. To make sure you will make it to your flight, please advice to be at the airport latest 1 to 1.5 before departue. Especially during the winter season when the pressure on the airport is higher. This is to be able to reach the gate 20 minutes before departure as the boarding process begins, For flights outside Europe, it is recommended to be at the gate 40 minutes before departure

You will find more information about you flight under each headline in the left menu.


We recommend that all passengers are checked in well in advance of the scheduled flight.

– Check-in for domestic flights closes 30 minutes before scheduled departure time

– Check-in for international flights closes about 45 minutes before scheduled departure time

If you arrive at check-in after closing time your ticket is considered used. No refund is allowed at that time and it is not possible to re-book to another flight.

All passengers must show a valid ID with photograph at check-in.