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According to the Swedish authority all passengers must pass a screening checkpoint.
Before going to the security screening point
-Make sure that you have placed your containers of liquids in the re-sealable bag.

-Make sure that liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food are easy to take out, since you must show them at the security screening point.

-Put mobile phones, keys, watches, coins, etc. in your hand luggage

The security screening point can be divided into the following phases:
Boarding card check

On 29 April, 2010 a new EU regulation requirement related boarding cards enters into force and new procedures are introduced. This means that you will have to show a valid boarding card before the screening checkpoint.

In order to recieve a valid boarding card you must check in. The boarding card can be printed at the check-in counter, from a check-in machine, off the Internet or it can be available in your mobile phone, on your credit card or a card from the airline.

If you accompany children travelling alone or a person with reduced mobility that needs your assistance to the boarding gate the airline can issue a permit that will allow you through the screening check point. Please notify the air carrier when you check in.


-show your plastic bag containing liquids

-show liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food

-take off your coat, jacket and/or belt (shoes if required)

-take normal-sized laptop computers and other electronic equipment of similar size out of their cases

You may not carry containers with room for more than 100 ml (3½ fl oz), regardless of whether they are filled or not.

Keep in mind that security screeners may perform random checks of liquid medicines, baby food and special diet food you are carrying. This means that you may be asked, for example, to show that your prescription medicine has a label with your name on it or taste a liquid or spread a little liquid on your hand.