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You are welcome to bring your cat or dog with you in the cabin on our flights provided you make a reservation and obtain authorization in advance, because the number of pets accepted in the cabin and in the cargo hold of a flight is limited. Please note: animals other than cats and dogs are welcome to fly with us in the cargo hold only.

Nordica allows dogs and cats on board our domestic flights (no other animal is accepted). Animals in the cabin must be kept in a fully breathable cage or travel bag when on-board and cannot weigh more than 8 kg, cage included. The cage/bag shall be placed under the seat in front of the passenger traveling with the animal. The cage/bag must not exceed the measures 56x45x25 cm. The passenger must himself provide cage or bag.

Contact Nordicas Call Center on +(0)372 664 22 00 to book pet in cabin.


When transporting animals in the cargo hold, the cage must be sufficient in size to allow the animal to stand and turn around without any problems. The cage must be fully breathable, stable, disinfected, must not leak and be supplied with containers for water and food. Only one animal per cage is allowed. No rodents (except rabbits) or reptiles are permitted. The cage must not exceed the measures 110x76x73 cm. The maximum weight for the animal and cage in the cargo hold is 60 kg.

The cage must be approved for aircraft carriage, solid enough to buckle with a ratchet strap, safe in order to prevent leakage and disinfected. It should be made of fibreglass, metal or hard plastic and equipped with handles on both sides to facilitate lifting and loading. Cages made of filamentous net or cages with low edges on the bottom is not allowed.

Contact Nordicas Call Center on +(0)372 664 22 00 to book animal in hold.