What happens if my airline goes bankrupt

//What happens if my airline goes bankrupt

What happens if my airline goes bankrupt

Sometimes our passengers ask what happens if my airline goes bankrupt.

The information comes from the Consumer Agency’s independent guide “Hello consumer” and applies only to regular air travel.

Regular flight and bankruptcy

If you bought a regular regular ticket and the airline you are flying with goes bankrupt, there are several great opportunities to get your money back. Your options are related to how you paid for the ticket.

Paid the ticket with credit card

If you have paid the ticket with a credit card, despite the bankruptcy, there may be an opportunity for you to get your money back. Once you’ve been on credit, you can, according to the Consumer Credit Act, apply the same claim against the creditor as against the seller. First, turn to the creditor directly and make your requirements. If you do not agree, you can contact the Consumer Banking and Finance Agency for more information and assistance.

Paid the ticket with a card other than credit card

If you trade with cards but not on credit, the card company may have its own rules that entitle you to compensation. Contact the card company and ask what is applicable to your card.

The flight includes a package trip

If the flight is included as part of a package trip, please contact the organizer for assistance. You can then get money back through the travel guarantee. All companies that sell package holidays, package travel and charter airlines need to pay a travel guarantee to the Resegarrant Committee.

Requirements for the bankruptcy administrator

You can report your claims to the airline’s bankruptcy administrator. The application must be in writing. It should clearly state what requirements you have on the airline. Take copies of all receipts on costs and expenses that you have incurred as a result of the occurrence. Attach the receipt copies together with your written notification. It can be difficult to get money back from the bankruptcy administrator.

If you have paid the trip by card you may be entitled to refund your money by the card company. Read more under the heading Paid Flight Ticket with Credit Card and Paid Flight Ticket with another card.

Insurance against company discounts

There are insurance policies that can protect you from company bargaining. If you have signed a company insurance policy, turn to the place where you signed the insurance. Be sure to read the terms carefully so that you know what is included in the insurance.

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